Almost all venous diseases are associated with modern lifestyle. These are sedentary behavior, static loads in an upright position, excess weight, taking hormonal medications, and, of course, heredity.

"In order for the blood not to stagnate in the veins, there are special valves. But for them to work well, you need to create momentum. One of the most important sources of this impulse is walking. When you walk, the venous-muscular pump begins to work – the muscles contract, compress the deep veins, and the blood is thrown up, and the valves do not allow it to run back. However, it often does not function enough, - says vascular surgeon, phlebologist, head of the Clinic of phlebology and laser surgery Borsuk Denis Alexandrovich. - problems with veins very often occur due to excessive static load. School, Institute, work, transport - all this is a permanent sitting position, which in nature in such quantities should not be."

Disorders of the body: causes and treatmentdiagnosis of venous diseases in the Clinic of phlebology and laser surgery is performed using ultrasound, which shows changes in the veins. With this safe and painless method, you can track the condition of the veins both before and during treatment.

The issue of treatment should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cure varicose veins with drugs alone. However, there is a whole range of sparing techniques that allow you to correct defects without leaving visible traces and without significant health risks.

"Today, the gold standard in the treatment of varicose veins is endovenous laser and radiofrequency coagulation. These are techniques that allow you to treat varicose veins of almost any complexity without pain, incisions and hospitalization, - explains Denis Alexandrovich. - Open operations are necessary in exceptional cases. There are also auxiliary methods. This miniphlebectomy when through small punctures in the 1-2 mm it is possible to remove the varicose veins under local anesthesia. There is also sclerotherapy, which is understood as the introduction of a special drug that "seals" the varicose vein.

When choosing a treatment method in the Clinic of phlebology and laser surgery, they are individually suited to each case, because the optimal method of therapy depends on many factors. In addition, there is a wide selection of compression underwear, the clinic's specialists give detailed advice on its selection.

The recovery period after the procedures passes without hospitalization, as minimally invasive painless methods of treatment used in the Clinic contribute to rapid rehabilitation. The procedures themselves do not last long, and the next day after they can return to the usual way of life.