Levitra generic - Main information

Levitra is a brand name of medication produced by Bayer in Germany, although you can order Levitra online in most of the countries. The main effective component of the pills is vardenafil. In 2003 Levitra generic has been approved by American Federation of Drug and Food. It is widely used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence). One pill of Levitra 20 will help to have an erection long enough to complete a sexual act. Before you buy Levitra it’s necessary to consult the doctor, as the medication has some side effects that might be harmful for the health. Before ordering Levitra online do a research, learn more about this drug, choose the right dosage suitable for you, as well as the amount of pills, compare Levitra cost. The medication exists in one form only – a round orange tablet with famous Bayer sign (cross of letters) on one side and its strength on the other side. Most powerful kinds are Levitra 20mg and Levitra 10mg, although there are also two lower kinds of it (2,5mg and 5mg). The number on the tablet shows the amount of vardenafil inside Levitra generic. Before taking the pill you should learn which kind of it to order. Once you know the strength of the pill recommended for you it’s time to buy Levitra.

What kind of Levitra generic to buy

Knowing that Levitra generic has several kinds of strength it’s easy to suppose that the best one will be the strongest. But before rushing to buy Levitra 20mg online consult the doctor, don’t do self-diagnosis. No matter how delicate this problem is, Levitra 20 can be extremely strong for the body. Most medics prescribe Levitra 10mg for starters to take precautions and to see how body reacts. This dosage is considered to be average for a healthy male. If the prescribed amount of vardenafil is not enough you will be offered an increased dosage and switched to Levitra 20. How to see if the drug is working? Take a pill one hour before the sexual activity. It will relax muscles found in the walls of blood vessels helping to have an erection. Levitra 10mg and even Levitra 20mg don’t miracles. Without sexual stimulation the pill will not work. Levitra price increases with the strength increase, as well as the amount of pills in one pack. Levitra generic may be taken with food or without it, the fact of having a meal doesn’t really interfere the effectiveness. Levitra cost is another thing that matters. It’s an approved widely spread drug, but don’t fall for cheap prices, especially when you try to buy Levitra online. Wondering how powerful can the tablets be? One pill of Levitra 20mg is equivalent to 100mg of sildenafil (most commonly known as Viagra). Now you may even compare Levitra cost with other medications used for the same dysfunction and to choose the best possible variant for you.

Vardenafil - Side effects and precautions

First of all, you are prohibited to buy Levitra if you are under 18 years old. Use the power of your youth, not the pill. This medication is also banned for consuming by people allergic to vardenafil. There are plenty of other options and similar drugs. Don’t buy Levitra 20 if you ever had heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, kidney or liver diseases and seizures. Tell your doctor about all the illnesses you’d recently had. Use the minimum dose of Levitra at the age of 65 and older. Don’t use any other kinds of drugs to treat impotence aside Levitra. Stick to one kind of medication. If you buy Levitra online, examine the pack carefully, find the expiry date. Never use the medications after they expire! Being careless about your health may lead to numerous problems in the future, the worst of all are heart attack and sudden vision of loss.